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urban energy DataHub

Our primary product – DataHub – uses AI and machine learning to control energy generation and consumption in realtime. DataHub is built upon an IT cloud platform commonly used by utilities and industry leaders. The solution is specifically designed around district structures and accommodates various energy generation systems – photovoltaics, combined heat and power, etc. – smart meters, battery storage, charging systems, and other existing technologies. We provide our utility and real estate customers the ability to intelligently and automatically control energy generation and consumption, while saving money, increasing autonomy, and reducing their environmental impact.

For real estate operators

urban energy DataHub

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For real estate operators

urban energy DataHub

Whether you operate residential, commercial, or industrial properties, the urban energy DataHub can be customized for your needs. We integrate your unique set of technologies such as photovoltaics, charging station management systems, and smart meters in order develop a custom solution. We enable you to optimize your energy consumption and generation processes in order to reduce CO2 emissions, energy use, and usage costs. As a result, we can help you implement new business models such as tenant electricity or even district tariffs for tenants or employees.
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For municipal utilities

DataHub Whitelabel

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For municipal utilities

DataHub Whitelabel

The energy industry faces massive changes including increasing production decentralization through prosumer generation and changing consumption patterns through e-mobility growth. urban energy’s DataHub Whitelabel solution enables utilities and grid operators to digitize energy processes, optimize the low voltage grid and predict grid loads. In addition, districts are better able to manage their network and transmit energy data to utilities. DataHub thereby helps you to optimize your network plan and operational management and enables implementation of new business models like dynamic pricing.
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machine learning forecasts for energy consumption and generation
integration of energy data in realtime (IoT)
all information viewable in a glance
data security: whether locally or in the cloud
highly modular and scalable solutions

eMobility Solutions

Our e-mobility solution is not limited to the charging station – we provide optimized charging start times and durations using a multitude of inputs including user behavior (of tenants or employees), integrated energy production system data (PV, CHP, etc.), and network requirements. urban energy eMobility Solutions takes charging stations to the next level using realtime data and AI.

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  • reduction of peak loading
  • prioritization of loading processes
  • use of prosumer energy
  • dynamic charging tariffs
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urban energy Community

urban energy offers a modular platform usable by a wide variety of customers including PV, CHP, battery storage, and charger manufacturers, charging management solution providers, real estate operators, and utilities. Our DataHub solution easily integrates these customers’ assets into the overall scenario. Through access to such a diverse user base, ue enables you to increase your customer satisfaction and utilize cross-selling potentials.

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  • cross-selling for manufacturing companies
  • simple integrations & high compatibility
  • optimized system use
  • low investment costs

urban energy Workshops

We take your vision from idea to proof-of-concept; together we develop and document your overarching vision and requirements. We meet in a remote workshop designed using adesso SE’s well-established Interaction Room methodology. This methodology is designed to enable success through distributed work.

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Preliminary talk

In this two-hour preliminary discussion, we learn your project vision, current situation, and initial requirements. We leave this session with a project concept and rough outline which serve as the starting point for the next step: a joint workshop.


In this joint session, we build upon the project concept and identify framework requirements including business and technology needs. This workshop allows us to then develop a technology and economic feasibility analysis and create process documents including requirements and action items used in your customized implementation.


Project development includes the design of your customized dashboard and your desired forecast and management capabilities. We also install and integrate the ue DataHub into your existing system and connect initial technologies (PV, CHP, smart meters, charging, etc.) and existing software. You’re ready to go live!

Operation & further development

During this phase, we provide ongoing optimization and maintenance of the ue DataHub to ensure your satisfaction. Although DataHub itself runs completely autonomously, because of technology changes, an operator model is necessary. As a result, urban energy provides ongoing support and service after implementation.