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CO2 and energy management combined

ZeroC is an intuitive software solution for real estate operators that can be used to record and visualize all energy values of a property in real-time.

The regular recording of the complete CO2 balance also enables individual reporting on compliance with legal norms and standards.

A Zero Carbon Future

40% of all emissions are related to real estate. The target of the Federal Government: 65% emissions reduction by 2030 & zero by 2045.
The problem: Real estate operators lack the tools for simple and effective CO2 and energy management to meet legal requirements.
Solution: Real estate operators are given a clear path to achieve their energy and emissions reduction goals.

5 steps to carbon neutrality

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Data integration

Data acquisition takes place via manual input or the connection of live data.

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Digital twin

Artificial intelligence is used to create a digital image of the real building stock.

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Reports are generated in accordance with applicable norms and standards for internal and external reporting to employees, tenants and government institutions.

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Simulate new buildings and neighborhoods to design sustainably and build energy-efficiently from the start.

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Road map net zero

An action plan for existing buildings and neighborhoods is being developed to maintain value and meet emission goals.

Why ZeroC?
Compliance with legal requirements...
Energy, CO2 and cost savings...
Environmental awareness - you want to act now...
Marketing - Create incentives.


Digitize now and make your building stock sustainable!
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Tech Inside - What's inside?

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urban energy DataHub as central IoT platform

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Necessary connectivity for the integration of all energy systems

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AI-assisted predictions & load profile calculations using generative models

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Modular and flexible reporting (emission calculations according to GHG Protocol and ISO 14064)

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